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I have bought soda (Diet Pepsi, mostly) from the little store on the corner by my place.

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Why doesn't my local grocery store have my favorite product?

Individual retailers make the final decisions about which products they will sell.

A pop-up on an image layer displays the attributes of images at its current location, such as the acquisition date, sensor type, and cloud cover.

The default pop-up appearance for a layer is a plain list of attributes and values.

You can build the calendar in which is Word's "Normal" template.

It is loaded whenever Word opens so if placed here, you calendar will always be available to you.

What is Conagra doing to increase its use of cage-free eggs? And since 2011, we have incorporated one million cage-free eggs into our products annually.

We are committed to using 100 percent cage-free eggs throughout our U. These decisions reflect Con Agra's ongoing effort to explore cage-free eggs as a viable alternative to traditional egg supplies. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and numerous trusted scientific bodies and regulatory agencies that foods and beverages that contain genetic modification (GM) of ingredients are safe and nutritious to eat. The date code is the string of numbers and letters coded onto a package that indicate the date of production, not the expiration date.

A map can show descriptive information about features configured to display in a pop-up.

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